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In January and February, Kelton had a lot of celebrations for Dad's birthday, Mom's birthday and his own birthday (including one in Chicago and three back home in Bloomington). Kelton enjoyed the last few snows of the season. In March, Kelton took aquatic safety lessons and he learned to save himself in water.

在一月和二月期間 愷愷唱了好幾次生日快樂歌 也切了好幾個生日蛋糕 (全家三口的生日都在這兩個月) 三月時 愷愷參加一個水上救生的訓練 妨止溺水的意外

In a hotel in Chicago, Kelton insists on carrying the suitcase
在芝加哥飯店 愷愷堅持要拿大行李

    negotiating the big suitcase?

Kelton is showing people how he can spin....and fall.
愷愷表演轉圈圈 還會跌倒

spinning falling

Kelton trying on cousin's guitar
看到堂哥的吉他 愛不釋手

playing guitar cousin's guitar

Group photos: with Uncle Jerry and the cousins

with Jerry and Graham with the cousins

Celebrating birthday with the cousins

birthday cake with the cousins blowing candles with Daddy's help

Opening birthday presents

presents help from Elliot

Eating the birthday cake and watching Cousin Graham help assembling the toy

Graham helping Eating cake and watching

Celebrating Daddy's birthday
爸爸過生日 愷愷吹蠟燭 吃蛋糕 (嘉雯阿姨做的小蛋糕)

Daddy's birthday Kelton wanting to blow the candle Eating the muffin muffin

Kelton in a gym class

balance gym

Kelton loves shoveling

shoveling 1 shoveling 2 shoveling 3 shoveling 4 shoveling 5 shoveling 6

Kelton watches Daddy making waffle and has brunch together on weekends
愷愷周末看爸爸做格子餅 一起吃飯 學爸爸看報紙

Daddy making waffle reading with Daddy

Kelton loves spaghetti
愷愷喜歡吃意大利麵 吃成這樣

eating spaghetti messy spaghetti

Papa Dan brings a lot of birthday presents

birthday presents melody train

Another birthday cake

cake candles

More blowing candles
嘉雯阿姨做的小蛋糕 當然也要放蠟燭吹一下

cake candles

Two years old, hand printing, height measuring
兩歲生日 蓋手印 量身高

hand printing measuring height

Visiting baby Lyla's family -- before and after Lyla's birth
去Lyla家玩 Lyla媽媽懷孕時和Lyla出生後

before Lyla's birth after Lyla's birth

More candle blowing -- Mike Young's birthday
又有蠟燭吹了 -- Mike 叔叔生日

Mike Young's birthday children

Kelton eats a big crossant while mommy and daddy shop
爸媽買東西 愷愷就把一個大麵包吃完了

eating big bread kelton loves bread

Kelton uses chopsticks (with both hands)
愷愷用筷子吃飯 -- 左右手都來

eating with chopsticks being good at chopsticks

Attending a children's concert of Kelton's favorite local musician -- Bobbie Lancaster

concert Bobbie Lancaster

Kelton has to visit vacuums in stores when he goes
愷愷去店裏一定要去看吸塵器 每一台都要研究一下

visiting vacuum in a store kelton loves vacuum

Kelton takes aquatic safety lesson
愷愷學水上救生 模擬意外入水

aquatic safety learning to flow

Kelton in music class

shaking eggs musical insruments