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For his second Halloween, Kelton dressed up as his favorite animal -- dog. He attended a pumpkin-carving party at a neighbor's yard. He enjoyed going trick-or-treating with five older girls.

今年的萬聖節 愷愷扮成一隻狗 因為他最喜歡的動物是狗 萬聖節前兩周 愷愷參加了鄰居家的刻南瓜派對 萬聖節當天他和五個姊姊一起去要糖 還吃了一頓豐盛的萬聖大餐

Kelton was invited to a pumpkin-carving party. The pumpkin was too heavy and Kelton shared his stroller
愷愷被邀請去參加刻南瓜派對 南瓜太重 愷愷大方讓出座車

    carrying the pumpkin with the stroller pumpkin-carve party

Too much trouble! Daddy could do it.
這麼麻煩的工作 交給爸爸就好了

too much trouble Daddy could do it

It won't be done soon. Kelton wanted to play while waiting.
刻好久 先去玩一下好了

waiting go look for fun first

Playing ball with other kids and trying to see if the dog is as heavy as the pumpkin
玩個球 抱隻狗

playing ball lifting the dog

Done playing. Come to check the progress (Daddy might need some instruction!)
玩好了 回來看一下進度 (順便指導一下)

    break time checking

Checking the final product

done checking the product

Not bad: Kelton's first pumpkin
不賴耶 愷愷的第一個南瓜

done checking the product

Finally, Halloween is here: Dressed up!
萬盛節終於到了 趕快打扮好出門亮像

dressed up dog

Going trick-or-treating with five big girls.

    group photo

Getting candies. Meeting a witch.
挨家挨戶要糖 還有女巫給糖

getting candies candies from a witch

This house is scary. There is a graveyard, too.
這家佈置得好可怕 還有墓園

scary decor grave yard

Receiving a Halloween card from Grammy Jane

a card from Grammy Jane reading the card