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In July and August 2009, Kelton fully enjoyed the nice weather and outdoor activities in Bloomington, Indiana. He especially loves to attend outdoor concerts in parks. He would sit in his seat for two hours enjoying the music and eating. He likes to tap his hands and feet to the beat of the music. He also had a good time with cousin Tiffany, who came to Indiana for the summer pre-college programs at Indiana Univeristy and Purdue University.

2009年七月和八月 愷愷充份享受印地安那州暖暖又漂亮的夏天 他最喜歡走路到公園聽戶外演唱會 他會坐在椅子上邊聽邊吃東西 整整兩個小時也不嫌長 手腳還不時照著節拍拍打 愷愷也好喜歡表姊優優來訪 他幫忙送姊姊去學校註冊 去宿舍接姊姊 整理行李 不亦樂乎

Trying to bring the heavy bottles of water to cousin Tiffany to take to her dorm

heavy... got it now

Mission complete...so proud!

finally... so proud!

Key and Professor Lee visiting (Key was too excited to notice her belling showing)
瘦姨和李娓娓阿姨來訪 (瘦姨高興到露肚子還不知道)

with Key with Key and Lee

Piano Professor Weiwei Lee is testing the piano we just got.

Lee testing piano testing piano

Bringing some food to visit newborn Liam

bringing food going to meet Liam

It is a boy!
是男生 跟汽球上寫得一樣

    balloon a boy meeting Liam so tiny

One of Kelton's favorite activities: vacuuming!

vacuuming more vacuuming

Daddy said it is time to put it away. Shhh...I'll vacuum a bit more, don't tell him (Daddy is behind Kelton watching. His feet are there.)
爸爸說該收起來了 愷愷說 再偷吸一下 不要跟爸爸說 (爸爸其實在後面看著)

    Daddy said put away! a bit more

Reading and riding in the car with Cousin Tiffany
和優優姊姊一起看書 坐車

reading with tiffany riding in car with tiffany

Enjoying outdoor music...so serious
戶外音樂會 看得好認真

outdoor concert concert with tiffany and dad

the well-known Indiana corn is sooo good

eating corn more corn

Peeking at Tiffany's trying on clothes. Can't see anything, trying with mom's car key then
優優姊姊在試穿衣服 來偷看 看不到 拿媽的車鑰匙看看能不能打開

    peeking                 trying with a key

Kelton loves strawberries

eating strawberries more strawberries

Helping Tiffany check in the dorm at Purdue University and joining the orientation
帶姊姊去普渡大學的宿舍報到 還參加新生訓練

in front of the dorm checking in the dorm in the room orientation

Enjoying food and live music at the park
去公園野餐 聽戶外音樂

with Tiffany and mom with Tiffany and dad

All the kids are invited to the stage to play kazoos. Kelton received a pink one.
所有小朋友被邀請上台吹一種叫卡柱笛的樂器 愷愷被發到一支粉紅色的

pink kazoo so many kids

This girl is playing really hard

the girl next to Kelton     everyone playing kazoo

Kids getting flags, walking in circle to play a game...too tired, asking daddy to hold Kelton
國慶到發國旗 小朋友繞圈圈玩遊戲 走累了 叫爸爸抱一下

getting a flag walking in circle

Sharing some cheese with Tiffany
起司好吃 姊姊也吃一點

feeding Tiffany some cheese Have some!

Enjoying books and phones

reading phones

Walking to the park (with a book)
走路去公園 一定要邊走邊看書

walking with Tiffany walking with dad and Tiffany walking and reading walking with a book walking happily keeping walking

More outdoor music at a park

another outdoor music at the park in the park

Hate to leave the park
在公園好舒服 但是音樂結束 要回家了

    enjoying the air in the park hate to go home

In a baby contest, waiting to get on the stage
參加幼兒比賽 和爸爸排隊等著上台亮相

waiting in line waiting to get on the stage

Kelton is on the stage. Wining is not important, as long as there are balloons.
愷愷上台了 得不得獎不重要 有汽球拿就好

with other kids in front of the judges
    just want the balloons the balloons

First time getting on a carousel

Mary go around riding

Seen anyone playing piano with a pacifier?

playing piano with a pacifier

Reaching high notes...so serious
彈高音 好認真

reaching high notes very serious